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Super Bowl Study Data

Study: Taylor Swift, social media conspiracy theories suggest record Super Bowl ratings

Billy Pinckney rests on his back on his baseball jacket and holds his book.

Graduate Spotlight: A Game-Changing Legacy in Sports Communications

ϲʿ¼ State University’s ‘Billy the Batboy’ turns years of interviews into a valuable resource for aspiring athletes

Line graphic showing spike in tweets related to Pizzagate

Study: ‘Pizzagate’ Posts on X Spike Dramatically After Elon Musk Boosted the Conspiracy

The debunked conspiracy is foundational to QAnon, experts say, and a fictitious representation of human trafficking

Two students stand before a ϲʿ¼ State University School of Communication and Media screen.

ϲʿ¼ Journalism Students Thrive through NBCU Partnership

Scholarships, industry experience and career opportunities abound for next generation of diverse professional journalists

Five people walk on over the striped lines of a NYC crosswalk.

Path to College Connects University and NYC

ϲʿ¼ State University pre-college summer enrichment programs allow high school students to explore careers, passions and interests in the city and on campus

Pie chart showing plagiarism breakdown

Buffalo Supermarket Shooter Plagiarized 80% of Rationale Section of Manifesto from Hate Sites, Study Shows

Research shows the dangerous impact of unmoderated extremist online content

Pie chart showing emotional sentiment of social media reactions

Study Examined Social Media Reactions to Affirmative Action, Student Loan Forgiveness SCOTUS rulings

Sadness and disgust were the dominant sentiments on social media posts following the landmark decisions

A professor and four students stand in front of a waterfall.

Student Journalists Examine Crucial Issues in Paterson

Paterson/On the Rise delivers grit and insight in ϲʿ¼ State University’s News Lab special report

ϲʿ¼ State University President Jonathan Koppell cooking at Sam's Diner

‘Cooking with Koppell’ Launches on Hawk+

New student-produced show featuring President Koppell and fellow Red Hawks debuts on School of Communication and Media’s streaming platform

Female professor in classroom.

Why All the Chatter About ChatGPT?

Professors say use of artificial intelligence in the classroom may reshape the way they teach

Pop Culture is News, Not Clickbait, University Professor Says in New Book

From #MeToo to Marvel to JK Rowling, Communications Professor Joel Penney looks at how celebrities and entertainment news play a major role in the public’s understanding of social and political issues

A male student stands at a microphone to ask a question.

‘Ask Governor Murphy’ Broadcasts Live from Campus

Governor Phil Murphy responds to questions posed by students and viewers, discusses gun safety, mental health and other challenges for the state